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6 months

The Challenge

From this client, the primary challenges for this project included the following: to significantly reduce the physical footprint of the existing Fitting Cart to enable it to ship via UPS Ground, thus maximizing shipping cost efficiencies; and to incorporate a level of modularity to address different retailer planogram profile requirements.



The Solution

This compact Industrial Design based product solution solved a variety of client requirements, as well as incorporating several unique Branding features indigenous to the engineering of the PING Brand.  By creating a vertically oriented shelf-racking system, we were able to simultaneously reduce the physical footprint to be able to hold the same amount of club heads and shafts, but also enabled the ability to pre-pack the units with custom shelf planograms to meet multiple Retail and Professional requirements.  The shelving system allows the Retailer to upgrade, add, delete or transform the product Tray mix at store level, utilizing the integral multi-stop glide positions on the removable “Woods” or “Irons” universal product holding trays.

The interior steel carcass of the unit has oversized tires, and two integral “Lifting Bar” handles, to enable the unit to be easily wheeled on exterior surfaces, or lifted onto a Golf Cart for fitting in the field.  There are retractable steel stakes to stabilize the units when used on the Golf course.  The rear of the unit holds a “Striking Plate,” as well as a custom Clipboard for fitting notations.

A secondary concealed removable “Fitting Chart” is positioned on the top of the unit, behind a multi-position iPad locator.  A clear, and frosted sliding lockable Tambour Security-door to cover the internal product when being transported, as well as to display the second surface “Fitting Chart” printed onto the lower front door.  The boldly branded removable Header incorporates a variety of other function features including updatable Retailer/Golf club graphic insert in the front, and a hidden Fitting tool compartment to hold measuring devices, and tools concealed by a sliding door in the rear of the Header.


The Materials

  • Powder-Coated CR Steel Carcaass
  • Black Injection-Molded ABS
  • White ASA-Molded Dimensional Lettering
  • Clear Second-Surface Printed LEXAN Tambour Door



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