A large production space with a diverse collection of equipment leads to endless manufacturing possibilities

Located locally in Long Island, NY, our large manufacturing facility offers a wide variety of production services to our clients. We have the technological capabilities and a team skilled in a diverse variety of production techniques to manufacture your displays.

Many Manufacturing Services

At Summit, our many manufacturing services include: steel fabrication and powder coating, injection molding, vacuum forming, wood fabrication, corrugated fabrication, acrylic fabrication, edge finishing, total assembly, and product pack-out.  We have the space, the equipment, and the team all available on-site to efficiently and effectively manufacture your retail displays.  Our manufacturing process is completely collaborative and we work closely with the design and engineering teams for the most economical production of your display.  We manufacture beautiful and functional retail merchandising solutions.


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Steel Fabrication & Powder Coating

We have the team of experts and the technology available on-site to quickly manufacture and protect metal structures and parts for your retail displays.

Injection Molding

At Summit, we use energy-efficient injection molding machinery for speedy production of high-quality plastic parts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Vacuum Forming

We use vacuum forming to create products with a wide variety of finishes and surface patterns. The result is a product that will meet all of your expectations.

Wood Fabrication

Combining CNC technology with craftsmanship, beautiful and unique wooden retail merchandising solutions are manufactured.

Corrugated Fabrication

We offer a wide variety of corrugated fabrication services, as well as die-cutting services, for beautiful and durable temporary retail displays.

Acrylic Fabrication

With our diverse collection of state-of-the-art technology, our team can fully manufacture a wide variety of plastic parts and structures for your retail display.