Expertly balancing design and manufacturing for efficient engineering

Our staff of dedicated P.O.P. professionals works with both permanent displays and store fixtures, and temporary corrugated and thermoformed displays. Working hand-in-hand, our senior engineers and designers manufacture displays that are efficiently produced using proven methods.

Engineering for Success

Our talented staff bridges all disciplines: injection molded, thermoformed, or extruded plastics, metal stampings and cabinetry; and wood and corrugated displays.  Our latest addition: the use of LED lighting to create a more dynamic visual atmosphere in the marketplace.  Our knowledgeable team has the experience to provide the most display for our customers with their specific budgets and requirements, whatever these may be.  We always challenge our methodology to create a final product that meets all expectations.  Our biggest challenge is resourceful engineering that gives our clientele the most for their budget.  We engineer for success.


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Production Engineering

We map out which resources and methods will be used for production of your retail display, all while keeping any cost control concerns at the top of our list.

Prototype Development

A 3D model of your display is created so you can see every aspect and determine how it will function in the marketplace. We test form and function during this phase.

Tool Development

Keeping your unique design and specific needs in mind, we offer cutting-edge solutions in a wide variety of tool types to ensure quality and precision.

Full Service Model Shop

Our full service model shop provides an amazing opportunity for our clients to get a sense of what their display will look like and how it will function in the marketplace.

3D Printing

At Summit, we have the technology and the skilled team to engineer your retail merchandising solutions using this clean and precise production process.

Case Studies

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