When we begin to bring your ideas to life

Through collaboration during this process, Summit takes your ideas and objectives and turns them into reality. We work together to produce plans for your retail merchandising displays, and create a clean, functional design.

A Collaborative Design Process

Conceptual design, industrial design, 3D computer rendering, in-store marketing solutions: these are the design services we offer our clients.  We work tirelessly to ensure that your vision becomes reality.  Our collaborative design process begins with planning in order to turn rough drafts and design ideas into retail merchandising solutions and displays.


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Conceptual Design

Throughout this phase of design, we work together to conceptualize the look and functionality of your retail displays.

Industrial Design

During this time, form and function come together with materials and manufacturing processes to initiate the plan of action.

3D Computer Rendering

With this technology, we can create a realistic, virtual model of your retail display that encompasses all the details of the final product.

In-Store Marketing Solutions

Our in-store marketing is designed to compliment your retail merchandising solutions. Relevancy and clarity are central to our marketing solutions.