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3 months

The Challenge

We were challenged with the task of creating a unique, visually striking promotional display launch vehicle that would increase product awareness for Maybelline Color Elixir.  Further, this promotional display needed to have the flexibility to be positioned in a variety of retail footprints while still maintaining visual brand continuity and recognition.


The Solution

By developing a single, cost-effective vertical clear, thick-wall section injection molded product support panel, the Launch product is visually “suspended” giving the consumer a full view of the product.  A secondary mirror-effect panel placed behind the product panel further enhanced the “Luxury-look” of the product.  The unifying use of the modular component panel provided the flexibility to create several different display looks, and physical product layouts for counter, Free-standing and Endcap locations.  The consistent use of the impactful, bold client-supplied graphics created strong Brand recognition, as well as maintaining visual continuity.


The Materials

  • Injection Molding of Crystal GP Styrene
  • Hot-Stamping
  • 4-Color Litho Mounting and Die-Cutting
  • Clear PETG Heat-Bending
  • Acrylic Fabrication
  • Corrugated Board Construction


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