Retailer Display


12 months

The Challenge

The initial challenge of this program was to provide a Universal Wall System that had the ability to respond to the continually changing Retail environment, and to the management of over 12 different Brands, while portraying a uniform cohesive, and  visually stimulating merchandising vehicle.  A second requirement was the ability to implement and facilitate rapid planogram changes, and minimize the costs, and business disruption traditionally associated with these updates.


The Solution

Summit’s approach to the Design initiative focused simultaneously on producing an upscale visual presentation, concurrently with optimizing the operational cost saving benefits to CVS.

Our intensive Design and  Engineering efforts led to a significant patented IP development, which became the overall platform for the system. The core element of the system is the patented ability to install, or remove component elements perpendicularly from the front of the wall, without removing any adjacent elements. Secondarily, the development led to the creation of a repeating  one foot linear column 12 volt column “grid system”, that provides low voltage across every square inch of the system. This unique architecture has enabled the system to be almost totally 100% convertible at store level from a product, to a graphic level. Some of the highlights of the system are:

  1. Universal Tray or Hook modules can be mixed, both with illuminated mini-headers and can be repositioned at any position on the wall at store level
  2. We created an extensive “Library of Trays” which can be used by all Brands to fit virtually any product, eliminating the cost and speed to market of a new product launch
  3. Our proprietary LED lighting, along with our special “tilt-back” angle front tray detail provides significantly enhanced product color authenticity to the discerning customer
  4. Complete graphic updates, from illuminated mini-headers, “Hot-Spot” Promotional glorifiers to the shade charts and updatable Space-Savers can be done instantly on each module
  5. The 110/12 volt “grid” provides the ability to add scanner technology, High-lighters, or any other electrical devices without additional power sources or extension cords
  6. Installation time for a new 48’ Wall system, previously a 2 week business disruption, has now been distilled down to a 6-8 Off-hours installation with 2-3 people
  7. The 12” fully loaded “rail system column,” with 8 loaded product modules, can be “slid into position” by one person to accommodate sales velocity, or planogram repositioning
  8. Operational cost benefits to CVS, and lack of business interruption has made this system an overwhelming success in test stores


The Materials

  • Injection Molding of LEXAN and Hi-Impact Styrene
  • Vacuum-Forming
  • UL LED Lighting Systems
  • Aluminum and Plastic Extrusion
  • Progressive and Roll-Formed Steel Die Components
  • Tubular Steel Fabrication
  • 4-Slide Wire Fabrication
  • Plastic Sheet Fabrication
  • Edge-Lit Lighting Systems
  • Silk-Screening
  • 4-Color Litho Mounting
  • Die-Coating, Steel Powder-Coating


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