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4-6 months

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a versatile, sturdy, size-efficient UL-962 approved modular Floorstand that could accommodate continual planogram changes in both the vertical panels, as well as in the horizontal ceiling panels for new product introductions.  Each “New Product” being introduced needed to be able to attach to the fixture, as well as have the ability to be electrified, and “test” the live-Product attributes without any re-wiring of the master unit.  In addition, the system needed to be graphically convertible and be able to withstand the rigors of Industrial Sales environments, and have the ability to add Promotional elements on all sides of the unit.


The Solution

By creating a durable powder-coated Universal CR steel structure, with front and rear slotted tubular shelving Standards, the unit is easily re-planogrammable at store level, on both the front and rear of the unit.  We also integrated interior horizontal tracks in the Header to allow the ceiling product panels to be able to connect and disconnect from the main power source.

The Standards make it simple to simultaneously move the weight-bearing wire and steel shelves, as well as easily attaching or changing the Main “live” vertical product Header Testing panels at Store level.

The unit is powered by a concealed rear main 110V switched power-source in the back of the unit, with several “quick-disconnect” line cord attachments to easily connect new products to the “constant-on” or “Dimmable” EATON switches mounted on each of the removable vertical or ceiling product panels.  The unit needed to also be powered either to a wall-mounted receptacle, or a ceiling “power -drop” for overhead installations.  To maximize cord management, we provided a 12’ UL approved line-cord, along with two retractable telescoping tubular rods contained within the shelf Standards to be able to “snake-up” the line cord to the ceiling, or channel down and out the rear of the unit to a wall receptacle.  The sides and the rear of the unit also have the ability to accept Promotional wire baskets, as well as Add-on “Switch baskets” that attach to the sides of the steel shelves.

The unit is permanently graphically Branded with the EATON logo on each side and has a full length, interchangeable 4-color litho panel covered by a clear PETG window on each side providing unit specificity to each product line.  The header is also permanently Branded with the logo, but has an integral clear PETG fold-up window to accept a Distributor graphic.

The rear of the unit also has integral steel tracks to accept a variety of interchangeable graphic litho inserts to co-ordinate with each changing POG.  Each of the weight-bearing and wire shelves has slide-in interchangeable signage panels to accommodate continually changing planograms and product updates.

The universal flexibility of this Merchandising Floorstand has enabled the client to get easy Freestanding placement in a variety of store footprints, and has significantly improved the product communication of all of the EATON products shown in the line.


The Materials

  • Injection-Molding of Hi-Impact Styrene
  • UL LED Lighting Systems
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • Tubular Steel Fabrication
  • Sheet Steel Welding and Fabrication
  • 4-Slide Wire Fabrication
  • Plastic Sheet Fabrication
  • Hot-Stamping
  • Silk-Screening
  • 4-Color Litho Mounting and Die-Cutting
  • Clear PETG Heat-Bending
  • MDF Fabrication and HPL Lamination
  • Powder-Coating


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